What are vCards?

A Virtual Business Card is an electronic business card. It is the standard that is used to exchange information normally contained in a personal business card, over the internet. You can send contact information to other people via email or other platforms that support vCards. Any business by now ought to be using vCards. This is the simplest way in which they can market themselves online. vCards increase credibility of a business in addition to making it easy for people to reach you. Therefore, using vCards is one sure way to boost your business and increase your sales.

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Download a Sample vCard

How to Use vCards

You first have to learn how to create a vCard over various online platforms. The process for creating a vCard is quite simple. All you have to do is get the contact that you would like to be in your vCard from your contact folder. Then on the file men, click on the ‘Save as” button. This will direct you to a system application where you are required to select the format in which you would like your content saved. Here select (*.vcf). After that all you need to do is select the folder in which you would like your vCard saved, that’s just it.

Processing Received vCards

There are two ways of processing a vCard that is received together with an email. You can click on the attachment and save it on your contact folder then close. Or you can you can drag the vCard to your contact folder in order to create a contact from the vCard. Another way to process contact information received in a vCard is via the Outlook ‘import and export’ wizard. This method is commonly used when the vCard is received in a disc file. To process the vCard, simply click on the ‘Import and Export’ button. On the check box, select ‘Import a vCard file (*.vcf)’ then click on the Next button. After this, click a vCard file where you would want the contact saved then click on the Save button. This information will automatically be used to create a contact on your contact folder.

Distributing vCards

Distributing vCards is also not difficult. Though different information exchange platforms on the internet have different settings, the procedure is pretty much the same. For many messaging platforms, all you need to do is open a new message and compose a message indicating, the recipient. Then go to the insert or attach button. Choose a vCard to attach and click OK. The v Card will automatically be sent with your message on pressing send.

Creating Signatures on vCards

If you would like your automatic signature added to a vCard, the following steps should be followed. First, go to the file menu and click on options. Then go to the mail section and select signatures. If you would like to add a new signature, click New and add a name and type in your signature information. Then from the Show Names box click on the vCard where you would like the signature added. To complete, click Okay then Finish.