Reverse Phone Lookup

Know Who It Is With Reverse LookUp

Modern technology allows contact with thousands of people daily. Telephone and email expand communication and it is a valuable resource. We also are contacted by those we don’t know, or maybe we know them but not from the information that is available. Reverse lookup can let you know who is contacting you by phone as well as email. There are many companies offering reverse phone lookup on the internet and through apps on you smart phone. Some are free and some are for pay services.

Reverse phone lookup allows you to find out who called you by using the phone number. You can find out the name, address, whether a land line or cell phone was used, location, phone carrier and other information about the number. Whether you have a number you don’t recognize in your caller id, you have written down a number and don’t remember who it belong to, or you can’t remember an address to a person or business you need to visit, reverse phone lookup can find out who called and the address you need. If you type reverse phone lookup in the a search box, there will be lots of companies that offer this service, some free, some for pay.

Intelius offers reverse phone lookup that tells you the type of phone being used, cell or landline, and where the phone is located for free. For a report that contains the owner’s name, age, address, phone carrier, historical locations, and possible relatives, the normal fee is $4.95. There are also apps from Google Play store and the Apps Store for iTunes for reverse phone lookup for your smart phones. Whitepages offer reverse phone lookup at their website as well as a description of their app that can be downloaded at the Google Play and the iTune App Stores. According to the description, you can use unknown numbers from calls and text to identify telemarketers, spammers, and businesses. uses its database of almost 125 million people, as well as your phone and social media contacts to identify incoming callers and numbers in your call log in real time. Goggle Reverse Lookup for Androids offer the same service and gives you the option to block numbers, map the caller’s location, and save or dial the number. It can be downloaded at the Google Play.