Advanced Features

Commentary Function

A conventional background check can give helpful information. You can find a name and perhaps also an address. The commentary function at offers an additional benefit for all users in comparison with other web pages with background check. Here at you can leave your evaluation of material as spam, safe, etc. and so give invaluable information. These specifications are often more useful than the indication of a name. But combines both: an active community, which lives from their users and helps to design the web page and an actual phone list with millions of names.

And here comes how it works:

Put in the number in the format 201-300-4444 or 2013004444

Make your comment. (Please put helpful and useful information. “Who calls me” does not help anyone!) Links are not allowed, neither bawdy and vulgar language nor false information. The comments will be monitored by an administrator and will be deleted in case of infringement.

Choose the model: (is it a phone call, a text message or a fax?)

Rating: (give your evaluation as specified in the options.)

If you are not yet logged in and do not have an account on, specify the following data:

  • 1. name: choose a username, which you want to use as a login name at the same time. (It does not to be your name.)
  • 2. mail: the password will be sent to this address. (But don’t worry. We are not sending spam mails and we are not forwarding your data to others!)

If you have an account, then log in before you make a comment. Then your contribution appears automatically in the dashboard and you can review it and if necessary you can correct it.

Why should one give one’s name and one’s mail address?

You get your own account here. This function is free forever. This means you have an overview of your own comments. So you can see which phone numbers you have evaluated.
After having sent your comment, you will get a mail with your access data to the dashboard.

Download vCards is the only website where you can download over 125 million vcards. With vCards you can import all information such as name and address in your phone. For free!


Why should I register? When you are registered you can give your own comments and you also can change or delete them later on. If your name and address is listed here, you can change or delete this entry. When you are registered you are able to see the processing status of your enquiry.

Find what you search! On the one hand you have the possibility to look for a name or address. On the other hand you can look for the phone number.


Edit Function

Have you found your name and your address at And do you want to delete them? Or the data is no longer up-to-date? If so, you can change the data quickly or delete it. That’s how the edit function works: choose the entry which you want to change. Correct the name and address or choose the option delete. Your enquiry will be edited within 24 hours. Note, for enquiries of deleting: do you want to delete it also in Google? Then use the Google Removal Tool.

Phone book

The phone book from comes out soon in your Dashboard. It will offer the following functions.

  • Saving your phone numbers, including names, addresses, pictures, notes, links, social media profile, data, Messenger-IDs,….
  • Administrating your entries